Sunday, February 28, 2016

iPhone 5se or iPhone SE?

January reports suggest that a new 4 inch screen iPhone will be release at the early quarter of 2016. It was rumored to be in line with the iPhone 5 series and was dubbed the "iPhone 5se". It was supposed to be called "se" for "special edition".

But latest news suggest that it might not be a "iPhone 5se" after all. There were reports that Apple will be dropping the 5 instead and call the new 4 inch phone "iPhone SE" instead, if the rumors are true.

iPhone SE
Rumored Iphone SE

This may come as a surprise because we have gotten used to Apple naming their flagships with a number. We really don't know if the next series of this new line will be called iPhone SEs, or iPhone SE2, so on and so forth. It's just a rumor for now so it's not final. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open for more possibilities.
The iPhone SE is reported to resemble the iPhone 5s but will slightly differ because of the curve edges.

 It will be equipped with a 4 inch display of course, with the A9 chipset that powers the iPhone 6s. It will also have an "upgraded" 8mp main camera, an "always on hey SIRI" support, ability to take live photos, and NFC for apple pay. It is supposed to sport Apple's latest wifi, bluetooth and cellular components. 

Reports say that the phone will come in the 16gb or 64gb variants with the option of rose gold from the iPhone 6s line. It is expected to be released as early as March 15 or 18 together with the rumored 9.7inch iPad Pro, which will come with a smart keyboard and Apple pencil support. There are also rumors that the event will release several Apple watch bands too for the Apple watch.

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