Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to withdraw Paypal funds to Smart Money Card using BDO account

To those who do not have Unionbank Eon or BPI ( Bank of the Philippine Islands ) Express Teller accounts to withdraw money from paypal, there is an alternative way to withdraw your money using a SMART Money card . Yes, that's right. Although many still opt for the card from Unionbank Eon since there minimal charge for money transfers from paypal, many online job seekers do not have a bank branch on their respective areas. So in case you have no other option, you may choose this method.

There are some instances that this method did not work for some, so please do it under your own risk. I did use a smart card to transfer money to my paypal funds just a few days ago so it's tested. Smart money card is a service of SMART , one of the country's largest wireless service provider's network .

This is what a smart money card looks like
Smart money card sample
The steps to follow on how to withdraw your PayPal funds to a Smart Money card is pretty simple. It's still the same as using an eon card but totally different from the BPI withdrawal method (since its a bank account that has no CVV at the back of the card). The good thing about using the Smart Money card also doubles it is another way to verify your PayPal account, like the eon. And that's pretty neat, because it serves a double purpose. Otherwise, you can not use your BPI Express Teller card to verify your Paypal account so that's a downside.

We will now go through the steps on how to withdraw your paypal money. But first make sure that you have all the requirements before proceeding.

  • A smart sim or a TNT (talk n 'txt) sim number
  • P120.00 for the payment of the card
  • A smart outlet in your area
  • A paypal account (verified or unverified). Check here to learn how to verify.
STEP 1 . Put your sim Smart or TNT on your phone
  • Find and go to "SIM services" on your phone
  • Go to "smart money" then select active. Or, you can text " money " and send it to 343.
  • Enter a six digit number to serve as your pin. Enter it twice.
  • Take note of the text message that you will receive. That will be your account number "ATM number" for your money smart card.
STEP 2 . Proceed to a smart outlet
  • The guard will ask you upon entering, tell the guard that you want to get a smart card money.
  • He / She will then give you a form that you need to fill up. Fill it up correctly with the received account number and your personal information
  • Go back to the guard and ask him for a priority number to proceed to the tellers.
  • Wait for your turn. Once it is your turn, tell the teller that you want a smart money card. He / She will ask you if you want it to be personalized (name on card), say yes or no depending on what you prefer.
  • P120.00 pay the fee for the smart money card.
  • Teller will tell you to wait for a text message on the SIM that you associated with your smart money account. Processing will take within a week.
STEP 3. Proceed to your Paypal account to add you info. The good thing here is that your smart money will also serve as your bank account. The bank account is registered under BDO (Banco de Oro).
  • To get you bank account number, check it under any ATM machine.
  • Go to Add / Edit Bank Account on your paypal account.
Here is the picture of a Paypal add/edit bank account option
Paypal Add / Edit Bank Account option
  • Place the name bank Banco de Oro and the bank code   010530667 .
  • Fill in the required information like account name, account number, etc.
  • Withdraw the usual way like what we did using the BPI Express Teller card .
Paypal will charge P250.00 if using a credit card for withdrawal. But, if you use your bank account, it will only be P50.00. On the other hand, Banco de Oro charged P200.00 for every international transaction just like BPI.

Here are other ways to use your money smart card

Smart money card features
Other features for the Smart Money card (smart grabbed from website)


  1. i would like to do this as well. In step 3, about the bank account number, is it not the number on the smart money card? And if i use the atm machine, what is the procedure cause i havent tried it yet?

  2. Hello Mark,

    Yes the account number is the same found on the card. For using on an ATM machine, it will be the same process like all other atm's as well.

  3. hi do you have personal contact so if i have my smartmoney card can you please assist and help me? please? thank you

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Unfortunately we do not give out personal info. You can email me though using dondieonlinejob@gmail.com so that I can provide more private details.

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