Friday, February 26, 2016

How to recover a corrupted or unreadable SD card error

This can happen to anyone. You have all your files saved on an sd card, and you just didn't pay attention as to whats going to happen.Then suddenly, your sd card won't work anymore and you frantically jump up and down for help. You felt that you want to cry for blaming yourself on not having a backup copy of your files.

corrupted or unreadable SD card error

Well that won't do you any good. Problem is there are several reasons as to why that SD card is unreadable or corrupt. If it shows an error that the SD card is "unreadable or corrupted" when you insert it on your computer then go ahead and continue reading. If it says "format sd card etc" then that's another problem.

Lets focus first on this error "corrupted or unreadabe". This shows up at the instant you place your sd card on your computer. Just let it be for the moment.

Steps on what to do

  • Insert your sd card on your pc - wait till the error shows up and then click on okay.
  • Press the start menu - That is the logo (windows logo) on the lower left of your desktop screen
corrupted or unreadable SD card error

  • Search box - Once you hit the start button, type on the search field "cmd" as shown on the picture above. Then choose the uppermost application that has the name cmd (looks like a black box).
  • CMD - Once on the command prompt, Type in Chkdsk e: /r on the field then enter. You can replace e: to whatever drive letter your sd card shows on your PC. At this moment your computer will run a check disk scan on the sd card to attempt  fix any errors.
corrupted or unreadable SD card error

  • Select yes -  It will show a warning that your drive is no XP drive or whatever, just select yes to continue by typing Y and pressing enter. Also press y for saving lost chains into files.
Once the scan is done. You will be able to see that the SD is detected by your computer once again. Yey! Do your backup before emptying the SD card out from your pc.

Always follow the steps as it is. It always worked for me.

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