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How to apply for 51talk online english teacher ESL

Working at the convenience of your own home is so relaxing. You just need to get up and not worry about traffic or any other stuff besides opening your computer. Online jobs are rampant nowadays and one way to earn online is to become an English teacher .

The English language is a universal language that anybody must know. To be able to become proficient, one must need to learn from scratch. Others need help in learning it so they look for and hire tutors online. This is a good way to earn money if you are also interested in teaching.

51talk online english tutor
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51talk is a Chinese company that aims to bring the English training to their youth. Most Chinese students want to learn how to speak the English language. This is a good opportunity for teachers to help Filipino and have a career of their own online.

Before applying, you must make sure that you have the minimum requirements needed for the job. Also, always do your research on a company before applying.

Requirements :

- A computer or laptop ( dual-core up )
- A good quality webcam
- A headset with noise canceling mic
- Stable wired internet connection ( 0.9MB download / upload 0.6 ) better have at least 2mbps
- Excellent English skills

What you need to do first is to apply go to their website and sign up. You may also contact me to refer you using the comments section below before signing up, because if you want to be referred, you can not do that after filling up the sign up page.

After signing up, a person from the HR department will call you to ask if you're ready for a quick 15 minute interview. Do provide the most free time you have available and ready yourself before talking to the HR guy.

If you wish to apply: Click the link here and follow the steps : Link


It's up to you to reschedule or push through. The interview process is just a quick "tell me about yourself" portion. With questions running from "What computer are you using?". Or "Do you have a stable internet?", "When do you think you will start?". Just answer the questions as best as you can and look confident enough. Dress yourself in a formal or semi-formal attire when doing the interview (even if you have shorts on).


After passing the interview, make sure to give the HR person an exact date that you will be available for the PSO ( pre-service orientation ). This pre-service orientation will be around 2-3 hours of group Skype call with someone from HR as well. It will cover mostly about company infos, including work schedules and rates. The rate for beginner teachers is 50 pesos per student, and one student session is 25 minutes.


Well, after the orientation, you will be scheduled for training. This training is tricky since it will determine if its the end of the road (back to square one). So listen carefully since it is important that you know what steps or what process needs to be done during the class. You will be introduced to tools that you're going to use, and the things that you need to do before class to prepare your computer for the lessons ahead. The training takes around 2 hours or more usually held in the morning.


After training, you will be scheduled for a class demo. This will take around 15 minutes. You're a trainer or someone else will pretend to be a Chinese kid while you pretend to teach them using a demo lesson. Just give them the basic "Oh, you're good," etc. And make sure you sound friendly. Use all methods like "How many dogs do you see on the picture?" to keep the conversation going. Do not worry, the demo lesson does have "answer keys" and you will be rehearsed on training on what to do during the demo. Easy? Well no. Since if you fail, then you will need to start over again from scratch. Passing the demo gives you assurance that you are hired.


After passing the demo, you will be scheduled for a "welcome call" by one of your mentors. Again this will cover most of the tools used in the actual class. You will also be introduced to proper escalation guidelines or how to call for support. This lasts around 2-3 hours so be patient. You need to internalize all these because it will cause confusion on your part later, so better pay attention.


Once everything is done and you have submitted the requirements asked from you after being hired, then you will just need to plot the time that you will be available on their "shift" page. Feel free to plot what time you want to teach but be careful since you will not receive a text message every time a student you books for class. So better refresh your page from time to time or have your cellphones ready to check the web. Launching you as a new teacher becomes official after receiving a text that you are officially launched as one.

Plotting schedules :

You are required to open at least 50 slots per cutoff . There are guaranteed pays for 50 slots that are plotted on peak hours. Additional incentives will apply depending on what the company announces.

pay :

Pay is 50 per class (25 minutes) but increases according to teacher ranks. Ranks are based on stars, 5 being the highest. A 4 peso increase will be applied for each star upgrade. To be qualified for a rank up, you may need to open a required number of slots per cut-off and attend training sessions.


Work from home : There is no good place to work than home.
Friends , new friends to share thoughts and ideas
Teaching : Opportunity to teach other people your knowledge about English.
Incentives : Yeah that's right. Incentives can make your higher pay. Philippine mostly during holidays though.


Support : When a Chinese kid or parent files a complaint, expect that your dispute will have no effect. Support teams are slow to reply.
Promised pay : Advertised as earning 80k per month, but calculations show that fully booked slots with no rest 6 am-11pm everyday for 1 month straight will only give you 15 days 19-22k five star but as a teacher.
Strict policies : Sanctions from absences are high, and there are many penalties that will result in deductions from your pay.


  1. I Have done my intrview and the interviewer said that the interview is sent to China.
    When will I hear about the TIME for my pre-service orientation?
    I really would love to start teaching.

    Could someone help me? Who contacts me to tell me about the time of the pre-service Orientation?

    1. We have the same situation. What happened? Any news?

  2. I will be having Tech check tom 7PM. any tips?

    1. any updates? i am also stuck in tech check. cant seem to pass it.

  3. Hi! I signed up via the website but no one called me on the scheduled time. what does that mean?

  4. Where us the English app. ? Every time I try to fill it in it's not American.

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  6. The best Hiring process.The people in 51 talk are absolutely amazing from my Initial interview to my final demo,the best experience. Mary my NTT trainer she is fantastic, she provided us everything we need for us to pass the final demo....HIGH 10 TO ALL THE HIRING TEAM AND MENTOR OF 51 TALK...GOD BLESS YOU..Hands down to all of you..

  7. cant submit my application, when i try to press the submit button nothing happens, any advice?

  8. I am also having the same problem mentioned above by Andy.It seems the submit button is not active so I can not submit my application. Please Assist?

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