Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: How to transfer paypal funds to BPI Express Teller card

Many have started working online as a part-time or full time online job. Working online can become a fun and easy way to earn money. If you're using paypal and you work in the Philippines, then one way to use as a mode of withdrawing money is using BPI Express teller card to transfer funds from Paypal.
For those who do not know what a BPI express teller card looks like, you can refer to the image below. This type of BPI card can be used to withdraw your paypal funds. BPI stands for Bank of the Philippine Islands.
BPI Express Teller Card Used for paypal
BPI express teller card
  • BPI savings account - For this you would need to go to your nearest BPI bank and inquire. Requirements would be for you to submit 2 1x1 pictures, 2 valid ID's, and accomplished form (if your a Filipino Resident). Other requirements may be required if you're not a Filipino Citizen.
  • BPI bank code used in paypal is 010040018 - You need to enter this on the field where it is required when adding you bank account on paypal.
  • A paypal account - To sign up, just visit the paypal website or Click here. 
  1. Login to you paypal account. Your Paypal account may look like the picture below. Hover your mouse on profile and select "Add/Edit Bank Account".
Page to add BPI account to paypal
  1. Go to the withdraw page on paypal and click "withdraw funds to your bank account".
  • If you have recent changes on your name eg. Just got married, legal name changes, divorce, etc. You may need to send a copy of proof of name change and a scanned image of your ID that has your new name to paypal. You can click here to go to the paypal change name page.
  • BPI may deduct an amount, around P150 since they are not affiliated with Paypal.
  • "credit memo" will appear on your transaction history on Express Online.
  • Here are the hotline numbers for BPI:

Where to add BPI express teller on paypal
Withdraw page on paypal
Change name page on Paypal

Here are some of the Requirements for getting a BPI card for your paypal account.
(take note that you may need to verify you paypal account, since unverified accounts have withdrawal limits).

Here are the steps to link you BPI express teller card to paypal.
Paypal Homepage
2. Fill out the necessary information. Don't forget to put the bank name as Bank of the Philippine Islands and the bank code 010040018The bank account number will be the numbers at the back of the card on the white strip.

Add bank account page on paypal
Once you're done, then you are ready to withdraw your earnings from paypal to your BPI express teller card.
How to withdraw your Paypal earnings to your BPI express teller card.
Withdraw page on paypal
2. Select your BPI account on the list and enter the amount. Then click the orange continue button. Just make sure that you have all the details as it should match on what is on your bank account.
Withdraw page on paypal to BPI
Change name page on Paypal
- 89-100 (Greater Metro Manila Area); domestic toll free 1-800-188-89100 (Outside Metro Manila. Available to PLDT subscribers); or +63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone users.
- If you are outside the Philippines, you may call our Toll free numbers for selected countries. If your country is not included in the list dial the International Access Code +63 +2 +8910000.

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