Thursday, December 8, 2016

Starting an online job career? Tips in choosing the best PC/Laptop for you

Freelancers today are having such a hard time making a very good decision on which PC to buy for starting an online career. Through out our experience, it is always best to look around for more great deals and the best specs you can get with your on-hand cash.

Mostly, people tend to purchase what is trendy and may somehow regret once they find out that the items they bought does not have enough juice required for an online job to work. This is one of the most common mistake that one should always keep in mind to avoid problems. Always think that you are looking for a job and not buying stuff for gaming.

We will be pointing out the things that are needed to be considered to be able to reach the desired output just in case you landed a job online.

Three things that you need to consider before buying a computer.

  • Budget
  • Specs (specifications)
  • Relevance


Having enough budget would be a great thing if you have lots of cash. You can go ahead and purchase the most powerful PCs with monster specs and for sure, you will be able to do anything you can. However, if you're on a very tight budget and you needed one to be able to fulfill a job online, you may need to look somewhere else.

There are various placed where you can find items that are on sale. You can try to look online to see if there are available computers for you. Most items on sale are found on many e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon and they do offer coupons for discounts as well. If you can't afford something new, you can try to check on Facebook if there is a group in which users sell their stuff for a low price. I personally started with a 2nd hand laptop and when I received my first pay through a client which I had done a project successfully, I was able to afford a new one.


Specs for a pc is defined by the parts that are inside it. Online tasks does require different specs but if you can get a computer with nice specs, it will surely allow you to do these tasks at ease. For data entry jobs, a dual core desktop or laptop will do or an A4 if you want AMD.

For a more experienced freelancer who does calls, sales, etc. You may want to get an i3 or an i5. If you have a taste for AMD then go for an A6 or A8. This will surely handle all the processing that is needed to complete the job you are assigned to do. Just make sure that the video processing is also good and the RAM is 4GB or above to avoid lags.

If you're a heavy user like designers using Photoshop, you might need to go higher and aim for an i5 or an i7. If you are using AMD then try an A10 processor or above. Please also consider the video card. You may need to check if the video processor is a dedicated on with 2gb of memory (shared ones will surely lag).


Desktop or PC?

Desktops are very easy to fix and parts are easily replaced. If you do not go outside your house while working then this option would be fine for you. Of course, if you are always on the go, you may need a laptop instead but make sure that the laptop has enough battery to power it for a long time. Most laptops today run for 3-4 hours while older laptops which have high voltage consumption last 1-2 hours only.

Always ask your supplier for the exact specs for the item you plan on purchasing before it is too late. Once you have the one you wanted, do not rush to pay for it but look for reviews online. Good reviews means that the product should perform well. If you have all the gears ready, you may soon want to look for more options like a good headset, UPS or even a generator.

We do hope that the information above helps you choose which is best for you in starting your online job career.

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