Sunday, February 28, 2016

iPhone 5se or iPhone SE?

January reports suggest that a new 4 inch screen iPhone will be release at the early quarter of 2016. It was rumored to be in line with the iPhone 5 series and was dubbed the "iPhone 5se". It was supposed to be called "se" for "special edition".

But latest news suggest that it might not be a "iPhone 5se" after all. There were reports that Apple will be dropping the 5 instead and call the new 4 inch phone "iPhone SE" instead, if the rumors are true.

iPhone SE
Rumored Iphone SE

This may come as a surprise because we have gotten used to Apple naming their flagships with a number. We really don't know if the next series of this new line will be called iPhone SEs, or iPhone SE2, so on and so forth. It's just a rumor for now so it's not final. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open for more possibilities.

Friday, February 26, 2016

How to recover a corrupted or unreadable SD card error

This can happen to anyone. You have all your files saved on an sd card, and you just didn't pay attention as to whats going to happen.Then suddenly, your sd card won't work anymore and you frantically jump up and down for help. You felt that you want to cry for blaming yourself on not having a backup copy of your files.

corrupted or unreadable SD card error

Well that won't do you any good. Problem is there are several reasons as to why that SD card is unreadable or corrupt. If it shows an error that the SD card is "unreadable or corrupted" when you insert it on your computer then go ahead and continue reading. If it says "format sd card etc" then that's another problem.

Lets focus first on this error "corrupted or unreadabe". This shows up at the instant you place your sd card on your computer. Just let it be for the moment.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here it comes: Samsung Galaxy S7

It came with no surprise after a few months of being leaked that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released on the first quarter of 2016. There were a few leaks here and there about the external design, including the specs on this phone. Now, the long wait is finally over! Samsung, the Korean giant has announced it on Feb 21 that the phone would be released on March 11. The news became a huge buzz among techies around the world. Samsung galaxy S7 series will come in two variants, the S7 Edge and the normal one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
We really didn't have any clue as to where the specs that were rumored are precise, but we crossed our fingers that it will have an SD card and a removable battery. Since it will be the most recent flagship phone from Samsung, we expect it to make a huge impact over other Samsung devices. We also expect it to have a little more kick on it.

Oh how we miss the SD card expansion slot and the removable battery. SD cards are great since it provides additional option to increase the phone's storage capacity. Having a 16-32gb storage doesn't mean a lot nowadays if you're a heavy file user.

Again the battery. Most flagship phones from other companies adopted the trend of non-removable batteries. Some say that non-removable batteries are a lot better since they're intact on the phone and losses less power than removable once. But practically, its really nice to have a removable one since its just so easy to swap in case your phone runs out of battery, rather than finding an outlet to charge the phone in case you miss bringing a power bank

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to verify your PayPal account

Verifying your PayPal account is important if you plan to have huge transactions using your Paypal. That is because using the unverified version will set limits to how much money you can traffic. So if you get confirmed, you will have the option to send and receive money as often as you wish. Also, you can instantly send money from your bank account and receive exclusive services from PayPal.

How to verify a PayPal Account
Unverified PayPal Account
As shown on the picture above, you see the account is an example of an unverified account. The account has limitations in withdrawing money. Once you get verified, there will be limits to withdrawals anymore. There are lots of benefits in verifying a Paypal Account . These are some of the few benefits as to why you need to have a verified Paypal.
  • No limitations in sending and receiving money
  • More security with PayPal Seller Protection. 
  • Having a verified account will increase credibility to sellers and buyers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to withdraw Paypal funds to Smart Money Card using BDO account

To those who do not have Unionbank Eon or BPI ( Bank of the Philippine Islands ) Express Teller accounts to withdraw money from paypal, there is an alternative way to withdraw your money using a SMART Money card . Yes, that's right. Although many still opt for the card from Unionbank Eon since there minimal charge for money transfers from paypal, many online job seekers do not have a bank branch on their respective areas. So in case you have no other option, you may choose this method.

There are some instances that this method did not work for some, so please do it under your own risk. I did use a smart card to transfer money to my paypal funds just a few days ago so it's tested. Smart money card is a service of SMART , one of the country's largest wireless service provider's network .

This is what a smart money card looks like
Smart money card sample
The steps to follow on how to withdraw your PayPal funds to a Smart Money card is pretty simple. It's still the same as using an eon card but totally different from the BPI withdrawal method (since its a bank account that has no CVV at the back of the card). The good thing about using the Smart Money card also doubles it is another way to verify your PayPal account, like the eon. And that's pretty neat, because it serves a double purpose. Otherwise, you can not use your BPI Express Teller card to verify your Paypal account so that's a downside.

We will now go through the steps on how to withdraw your paypal money. But first make sure that you have all the requirements before proceeding.

  • A smart sim or a TNT (talk n 'txt) sim number
  • P120.00 for the payment of the card
  • A smart outlet in your area
  • A paypal account (verified or unverified). Check here to learn how to verify.

Monday, February 22, 2016

How to apply for 51talk online english teacher ESL

Working at the convenience of your own home is so relaxing. You just need to get up and not worry about traffic or any other stuff besides opening your computer. Online jobs are rampant nowadays and one way to earn online is to become an English teacher .

The English language is a universal language that anybody must know. To be able to become proficient, one must need to learn from scratch. Others need help in learning it so they look for and hire tutors online. This is a good way to earn money if you are also interested in teaching.

51talk online english tutor
51talk logo

51talk is a Chinese company that aims to bring the English training to their youth. Most Chinese students want to learn how to speak the English language. This is a good opportunity for teachers to help Filipino and have a career of their own online.

Before applying, you must make sure that you have the minimum requirements needed for the job. Also, always do your research on a company before applying.

Requirements :

- A computer or laptop ( dual-core up )
- A good quality webcam
- A headset with noise canceling mic
- Stable wired internet connection ( 0.9MB download / upload 0.6 ) better have at least 2mbps
- Excellent English skills

What you need to do first is to apply go to their website and sign up. You may also contact me to refer you using the comments section below before signing up, because if you want to be referred, you can not do that after filling up the sign up page.

After signing up, a person from the HR department will call you to ask if you're ready for a quick 15 minute interview. Do provide the most free time you have available and ready yourself before talking to the HR guy.

If you wish to apply: Click the link here and follow the steps : Link

The man who invented How to Copy Paste : Larry Tesler

The man who invented the copy and paste feature is Lawrence Gordon Tesler . He was born on April 24, 1945. He grew up in New York in 1961 and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science. He then studied computer science at Stanford University in worked for a while at the Artificial Intelligence Lab Stranford. He proposed the names "cut" and "copy" for the first step and "paste" for the second step while using different features on text editors during the early 60's.

Larry Tesler the man who invented copy paste
Larry Tesler (grabbed from google free photos)
Without the help and brilliance of this man together with his colleagues, computer work would be so much difficult. Copy and pasting makes things more easier since you can just move files or copy files without much effort. This system has been applied to many text editing now tools like Word and other office applications. It has benefited almost anyone, from schools to offices to companies. It was also adapted by software OS's like windows and mac. The world would be so much different if this was not invented at all.

How to Copy / Cut and Paste:

There are a few steps to do to be able to copy and paste. What you need is a mouse, or your keyboard and touch pad on your laptop or desktop.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Things to consider before starting a Blog

Blogger has become a platform for many writers to write their own thoughts. Some make it to serve as their portfolios when applying for a job online. This is one way for them to get hired when applying for an online job.

Blogs are also important since they provide content for many people to read and share ideas. It's really easy to start a blog. But before you start, you need to also focus on things that would make people be interested on your blog.

How to start Blogging
Grabbed from flickr

There are around 150 million blog sites right now. It's funny that around 20 years ago, this blogs didn't exist at all. There are also companies that use blogs to market their online products and services. Blogs are also useful for people who wants to earn, since they get contacted by advertising companies once their blogs become popular. It may take a while for you to start earning from your blog, but don't get discouraged that easily. Who knows, your blog will become a way for you to start earning money online.

You can also try to market your own online products and services by making an online blog seller site. You can use your creative thinking to market your own products too. Just make sure to make your content as useful so that people will come back to visit your site.

Some of the most popular websites to start blogging are and These blog platforms are really easy to use and will make an expert out of you in no time. Just sign up and register for an account and start writing right away. Most of these sites have templates and ready to use designs to personalize your blog too.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Data Plan: Which is better? Globe Tattoo Home broadband or PLDT Home dsl?

Internet connection has probably become a must for all techie people out there. From young to old, from poor to rich. Almost everyone wants to get updated on whats trending online and whats latest on the news. Some just want to get their facebook status updated, watch youtube videos and more. Others just want to have internet to earn while doing their online jobs at the comfort of their homes.

That's probably one of the reasons why many opt to connect their computers to some wireless internet service providers to avail of their services. I will be writing about two of the most famous ISP (internet service providers) here in the Philippines using their cheapest and most affordable plans as a basis.


Globe has been very fast growing this past years and is often considered as one of the first options to make in regards to having an internet connection. It is popular by means that people often see their advertisements on television, tarps, internet, and billboards. It also offers plans that your budget can afford. Here are several to choose from from their Globe Tattoo Home broadband plans.

Globe internet tattoo broadband plans
Photo taken from Globe flyer


PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company has been around ever since 1928. It is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines to date. It offers a wide range of plans to choose from from their PLDT HOME dsl plans, with speeds that will surely justify with what you'll spend on the contract monthly.

PLDT home Dsl plans
Photo taken from PLDT website

Selecting either one of this ISP's plans will surely get you wired. But you may also need to know the pros and cons of each company's services to decide which is better. I have conducted a survey from a few people who had managed to have their computers hooked on these services.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: How to purchase items from LAZADA

I have heard of people ordering items from Lazada, and it did make me curious as to how I can inquire about their online products and services. It was a risk I have to take, to try to order an item for the very first time.

For those of you who don't know what Lazada is, it is an online website that sells almost everything. It sells phones, laptops, furniture, clothes and almost anything you can think of, much like ebay or amazon. I was hesitant at first, but I just need to see if it really did work.

I downloaded the Lazada app on google play on my phone and started browsing the items. For those who don't have the app, you can directly go to to start browsing. Of course you need to create an account, or you can use your facebook or google+.

How to purchase from Lazada
Lazada website

Of course, I created my own account using my email. And after that I went through the watch section since I needed one at that time. I was eager to try to purchase one of their items online. I also noticed that some of the items are already discounted, and I was lucky that I found a watch that has a 70% discount.  I then made up my mind and decided to purchase it. It was a bluetooth chinese "smartwatch" and the reviews on the items as per customers who already purchased it was good.

Lazada online payments where COD (cash on delivery) and CC purchases. I have heard of negative feedback from using credit cards on lazada before. This happened if you need to return the item and the refunds can take so long, so I then chose to stay away from that payment mode. I clicked on COD instead. I ordered the Item January 30.

Review: Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Issues after Lollipop Update

Cherry Mobile has released several smartphones this past 2015. And one of the most popular release was the Cherry Mobile Flare S3. Since it was launched, a lot of people had found it worth the price. It now has a price tag that ranges from P3,999 to P4999.

Cherry Mobile flare S3 has a 1.3GHz Quad Core Mediatek MT6582 Processor, 1gb RAM, 5 inches screen and a 1800mah battery. It runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It also has a 13mp main shooter and a 5mp front camera.

Ever since the release of the latest update, which was the update for Lollipop 5.0, things began acting up on the phone. Although there were some improvements on battery performance, there were a few key phone functions that were greatly affected.

Cherry Mobile Flare s3 Issues
Flare s3 (Cherry mobile) back

Review: How to transfer paypal funds to BPI Express Teller card

Many have started working online as a part-time or full time online job. Working online can become a fun and easy way to earn money. If you're using paypal and you work in the Philippines, then one way to use as a mode of withdrawing money is using BPI Express teller card to transfer funds from Paypal.
For those who do not know what a BPI express teller card looks like, you can refer to the image below. This type of BPI card can be used to withdraw your paypal funds. BPI stands for Bank of the Philippine Islands.
BPI Express Teller Card Used for paypal
BPI express teller card
  • BPI savings account - For this you would need to go to your nearest BPI bank and inquire. Requirements would be for you to submit 2 1x1 pictures, 2 valid ID's, and accomplished form (if your a Filipino Resident). Other requirements may be required if you're not a Filipino Citizen.
  • BPI bank code used in paypal is 010040018 - You need to enter this on the field where it is required when adding you bank account on paypal.
  • A paypal account - To sign up, just visit the paypal website or Click here.